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Architectural and Interior

3D Visualization Studio

The shortest way from idea to its implementation

We are a team of young creative designers and visualizers. APPLICATA studio specializes in creating visual solutions for the presentation of your architectural projects. If you choose us, you can see the implementation of any your idea within the shortest possible time. We guarantee an individual artistic approach to the implementation of projects of any complexity. You will get the maximum number of quality images with the most profitable project views.

What can we do?

We will realize your ideas assiduously. We can create 3D projects of any complexity – from interior elements to territories with a comprehensive development. Our portfolio can prove it.

How to work with us?

*More information about the main stages of project implementation and its cost can be found in the services section

We are very cooperative and hope that each of our new customers
will become permanent.

Why is it convenient to work with us?

  • Making changes up to three times during the work on the project. The adjustments include minor changes in the details of buildings or redecoration and pieces of furniture in the interior. A detailed description can be found in the services section.

  • The maximum number of images from profitable project views.  We don’t charge for additional project views

  • An individual approach to each customer and creative one to your project.

  • Compliance with the agreed deadlines.

  • Moderate price, the possibility to making payment in the two stages.

Service Cost

3D дизайн, услуга, дешево, рендер, интерьер

8$ m²

The cost can vary depending on the area and style features of the interior.

Creation term
of one room

3-4 days

Creation term of the work – preparation time for the first sketch.

заказать визуализацию, стоимость

from 200$

The cost depends on the volume of the building, the area of the plot and the style of architecture.

Creation term of one building

3-7 days

Creation term of the work – preparation time for the first sketch.

заказать 3D, визуализация ландшафта

from 800$

The cost depends on the area of the territory and the height of buildings.

Creation term of one complex

7-10 days

Creation term of the work – preparation time for the first sketch.

*Detailed information about the cost and features of the work can be found in the relevant services sections.

Send us your project for counting and ask questions you are interested in.