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Services | Interior and Architectural 3D Visualization


Architectural 3d visualization is the most informative and profitable way of the project idea demonstration. Our studio guarantees not only the informative value of images, but also the artistic one, which is achieved by competent composition, impressive foreshortenings, lighting, deep detailing of the model and graphic post-processing.

современная 3Д интерьера, дизайн, заказать, услуга

Interior creation of any complexity in terms of 3 days according to the technical task of the customer. Use of furniture from the models base and model of individual one. During theproject it is possible to make 3 changes
in the sketches

7$ m²

The cost can vary depending on the area and style features of the interior

Creation term of
one room

3-4 days

Creation term of the work – preparation time for the first sketch.

качественное 3D, заказать визуализацию

Architectural visualization of buildings and constructions of any complexity and volume.
Detailed working out of the technical task according to drawings and photos.
Photorealistic supply of building materials and improvements elements.

from 150$

The cost depends on the building volume, plot area and architecture style

Creation term of one building

3-7 days

Creation term of the work – preparation time for the first sketch.

3D ландшафт, заказать, визуализация ландшафта

Precisely accurate modeling of buildings, constructions and infrastructure elements of any scale. Realistic supply of landscape and elements of site improvements.

from 700$

The cost depends on the area of the territory and the height of buildings.

Creation term of one complex

7-10 days

Creation term of the work – preparation time for the first sketch.

*The final cost may vary depending on the complexity and scope of the project, agreed individually with a customer.

Please note that we reserve the right to use the finished images we created after the completion of the project for posting on various Internet resources in order to advertise our services and replenish the portfolio with the obligatory reference to the authorship of the customer’s architectural or design project. If confidentiality of the project is required, then this must be discussed prior to commencement of work.

The Main Stages of the Project Implementation

1. Technical task obtention, project evaluation

To start the stage of visualization, you need to provide us a complete technical task for the project.



  • plan of the room with furniture arrangement;

  • floor plan;

  • ceiling plan;

  • lighting plan;

  • wall elevation;

  • the list of the basic materials and textures which are used in the project with indication of their location;

  • the list of all pieces of furniture, appliances, lighting and decor with links to the 3d models library, manufacturers' sites or articles;

  • references with the same atmosphere that you want.



  • Elevations of the building;

  • Floor and roofing plan;

  • Sectional view of the building;

  • Site plan of the projected area with elements of the territory improvements;

  • The list of materials and textures with indication of their location;

  • Photographs, images or drawings of elements for decoration of building facades with indication of their sizes (if they are used in the project);

  • Photographs, images or drawings with elements of the territory improvements with their sizes (if it is necessary to work out the surroundings);

  • Photographs and images of buildings and constructions of a similar style or design.


A detailed and correctly formulated technical task will allow to provide the customer the required result as quickly and clearly as possible. The experience of our studio will allow us to execute the project even in the absence of the full volume of required information; in this case the cost of implementation is individually negotiated.

2. Start of work and progress of the project.

The first preview.

этапы визуализации, 3D Сетка

Due to the technical task the first sketch of the main volume of the stage without materials, textures and decor elements is performed. The image size is 1200px on the long side. The customer approves the correctness of geometry and project views, the first corrections are made.

The second preview

этапы работы

The second preview with materials, textures and basic elements of decor. The image size is 1500px on the long side. The materials and basic elements are being approved. The customer makes arrangements according to the second stage of adjustments.

The third preview

The third preview with a full elaboration of details. The image size is 1500px on the long side. Final minor changes.

Final rendering

At the end of the work you get 4-8 perspective images with postprocessing of 1800px to 2560px on the long side
(the characteristics of the final images are negotiated individually and can vary).
Full payment for the project cost by the customer.

3. Project closure. Full payment of the project cost.

It is also possible to create the following images and materials:
визуализация плана, интерьер сверху, 3D сверху
схема интерьера, 3D схема
визуализация плана, 3D план
3д план, рендер планировки
рендер фасадов, фасады в 3D max, фасады жилого дома
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